Types of SMS Messages You Must Know

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is the text communication service of internet facilities, telephone systems or mobile devices which gives you the opportunity to send short messages to those with the means of receiving them. SMS messages can be classified into different types and the more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to compose them.

Love SMS

Love SMS messages typically contain short and snappy words that express the romantic feelings of a person towards another. These types of messages are sent to show the affection of a person for another. They can be sent between siblings, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and so on. They are also used to express gratitude, reassurance, promise and so on.


Jokes are sent in form of text messages to excite friends and relations in humorous ways. The jokes typically contain witty words expressing thoughts indirectly. However, their tone is normally informal and friendly enough so that the receiver will know that the sender meant them as jokes. They also contain imaginative words so that the receiver will be adequately amused.

Birthday SMS

Birthday SMS messages contain birthday greetings for your loved ones. They are sent to brighten the day for the recipient and boost the relationship between the sender and the recipient. It is ideal to send birthday greetings before the actual day or early on the day. If it is a special birthday, such as 25th or 60th birthday, the message can be send weeks or months before the day. The message can be used to remind the recipient of the day (if he forgets) or promise to get something special for him or her. It will also go a long way to show the extent to which you appreciate your friend, relative or colleague.

Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS messages are used by friends to express appreciation and show love for one another. Friendship messages are typically short phrases or sentences of profound gratitude with descriptions of how important the recipient is to the sender. In some instances, they may contain pledges of loyalty in return for great friendship deeds which the beneficiary feels he will not be able to give back. Since friends do not send such messages frequently, they are considered as sincere deeds of heartfelt appreciation. As a result of this, it is very important to send messages like these to your friends when they do things worthwhile for you so that they will know that you really appreciate the deeds.