Pros and Cons of Mobile Messaging

We all are well versed with mobile messaging and their working. They keep us connected with each other, let us exchange thoughts, they are instant and the best way to communicate. Ain’t we somewhere relied on them? Yes, we all are. The world of mobile messaging is growing continuously and according to a report more than a quarter of world’s population will be acquainted with mobile messaging by 2019. Fascinating, isn’t it? It has become a trend these days. These trendy messages come with their pros and cons even, here are some of them:


Let us discuss about the good first. So what are they?

1. The very concept of mobile messaging that is to connect the world is fulfilled. We can be in touch with anyone of the same or different city or country.

2. We can create groups and contact our work members in a minute. It saves our time and suggestions can discussed with everyone.

3. We can talk to multiple people at the same time.

4. We can discuss our ideas with people or even share photographs and videos with them.

5. Time zones are no longer an issue. There’s no need to adjust times to talk when we can leave messages for the other to read according to their schedule.

6. It makes us technology savvy.

7. One can even teach via mobile messaging and stay in contact with students.

So, basically mobile messaging are all about being there for one another regardless of differences. It creates a small world where one can interact, share, learn and even have fun. These can be a good method of relaxing after a stressful day by simply talking with your long lost friend or relative. Mobile messaging has made us close to each other. Right?


Oh no, do they really have cons too? Let us see:

1. Although they provide a great way to stay in contact but lack the one to one personal talk experience. The comfort of sitting and talking with someone is not at all fulfilled by them.

2. We cannot gauge the mental or emotional well being of a person through messaging. One can be doleful yet be entirely normal on messages. We do not have any say in the emotional state of a person.

3. There is always a tinge of quandary. It is possible that the person you are messaging to is not right there and the messages are being replied by someone else using their mobile phone.

So yes, there are both pros and cons of mobile messaging though pros dominate yet cons still exist.

How to Trace a Cell Phone Text Message – Expose the Sender

Are you getting prank or harassing cell phone text massages and want to find out who has been sending them? This article will provide some tips on how to trace a cell phone text message. Getting constant text messages from an unknown source can be very annoying.

You get the number off your caller ID and call them back only to get silence. If you continue to receive text messages or even prank calls on your cell phone there is a way to fight back. Preforming a reverse call search will give you all the information you need, like the persons name and address. Some search providers will give you all sorts of personal info on any phone number.

It is possible to not only get their name and address but you can look up their criminal and court records, job history, address history, marriage/divorce records and much more. The unknown caller will not be unknown any more. You will have more info on them then they do on you. Text or call them back and tell them you have their name, address and even know where they work. Tell them about their speeding ticket they got two years ago and what kind of car they drive.

In almost every case this will immediately stop the harassing text or phone messages. If not you have enough information to turn them in to the authorities. You can use a reverse call search to trace any cell, pay phone, mobile phone, business or residential landlines and some pre paid phones.

If you do a search you will find a lot of free services. Or at least they claim to be free. Do they work? In a word, No. The free sites that provide look ups all use the same free, worthless data base. If you are lucky you might find some info on land based phone numbers, the same info you can get from a phone book.

If you want the good info, or need to trace a cell number you are going to have to pay a small fee. The paid directories provide top notch service and keep their data up to date. This cost them money so the do have to charge. You really do get what you pay for. Some directories have an option to do a one time search for a lower cost. The problem with that is if you need their service again you will have to pay again. Paying the small difference for the yearly option is a better deal in the long run. Once you discover what you can dig up on someone you will find your self looking up all your friends and co-workers.

Be prepared on what you find out. Some people have a secret past that they never told you about. Professional investigators will use the service to do their research and now you can get access to the same tools they use.

The Power of Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is not just another marketing fad in the business arena. It’s a marketing method that allows you to implement time-honoured marketing principles. You’re about to discover why you should start taking advantage of bulk SMS in your marketing campaigns as soon as possible.

1. It helps you to easily command the attention of your audience

When you send bulk SMS and it is received by your target audience, their phone will ring. And only very few people can stand the sound of a ringing phone without the strong urge and curiousity to check it out. What that means is that you’re certain to grab the attention of your audience. As a marketer or a communicator, isn’t attention you spend thousands on adverts to get?

2. It delivers your most important briefly and concisely.

According to research, the average person is hit with about 6,000 advertising message every day. That means in a month, you and I are bombarded with about 180,000 advertising messages.

If people were to pay full attention to all adverts, they will all lose their sanity, so people have found a potent way to cope: by checking out ads for 3 seconds or less, then ignoring them if they are irrelevant to their cause.

But guess what? People will read your complete SMS because it is brief.

3. It is highly responsive – According to a popular statistics, 20% of people respond to SMS. In my own marketing tests, over 30% of people I market to via bulk SMS respond.

4. It enables you to personalize your message – If you’ve been in the field of marketing for long, you’ll know that personalized marketing outdoes mass marketing each and every time. With bulk SMS, you can market to your prospects on a personal level. All you need is their names and phone numbers.

5. It enables you to reach your customer no matter where he is – Regardless of where your prospects are located on the face of the earth, they will get your message the instant you send it. They don’t need to go online before they see it, they don’t need power supply to power their TV to get it. That means you can expect immediate response and plan along that line.

Now, sure enough, bulk SMS is not the best marketing method in the world – no one marketing method is. But if you want to get astonishing results in your marketing campaigns, you had better take advantage of it. Or at least experiment with it. After all, it is the least costly marketing method of all.