Importance of a Modern SMSC for Bulk SMS

Of late, there are several individuals who constantly crib about the lack of employment and business ideas. The online market trends are moving towards greater competition, and one niche product is bulk SMS. This messaging industry is inclusive of SMS (or short message service) which enables the user to send and receive text broadcasts to and from mobile devices. So what is an SMSC and how does it come into the picture? Read on to know more!

What is an SMSC?

In layman terms, the abbreviation of SMSC is ‘short message service center’. It acts as a focal hub for receiving and sending messages from one person to another. Additionally, bulk messaging services also involve applications for sending SMSs to peers and vice versa in a two-way conversation. For instance, if you happened to send a message to a friend, the typed message is processed by the SMSC and then forwarded to your friend. Similarly, banking transactions, ATM messages or any other application-based messages are processed by the SMSC.

While there are several organizations which rely on SMSCs for operating their (bulk) SMS businesses, it is crucial to choose a bulk messaging service provider which utilizes the modern SMSC protocol.

Some important points to remember:

· The SMS gateway is also referred to a direct to SMSC gateway

· It is a medium that allows SMS messages for sending and receiving via email, web pages and software applications

· The gateway connects to a mobile operator’s SMSC via the Internet or lease-line connections.

· The message format is converted into the SMPP protocol which is format understood by the SMSC

· SMSC gateways are utilized by SMS aggregators to offer SMS services to clients

Hence, companies can deliver the services reliably, quickly and affordably by using a modern and technologically advanced gateway.

Applications of Voluminous SMS

Now that the concept of SMSC is clear, we shall move on to the applicability of the services. In a nutshell, the possibilities for using voluminous SMS in organizations are endless. There can be new ways evolved for greater possibilities, including the regular use of SMS. It is also proved that using capacious SMS gives a more professional outlook for many companies. An organization can keep in touch with their customers, clients and staff in a fully customizable format. Just a simple sender ID is all one needs for sending and receiving messages in large volume. Some popular areas of application are:

· Schools

· Private Institutions

· FMCG Companies

· Churches

· Healthcare Institutions

· Logistics Departments

Individuals may also use various SMS services to send mass messages on festive occasions, seminars, wedding invitations and more!

Impact of the SMS Industry

Implausibly, there is immense potential in the business, especially when the service provider boasts of a modern SMSC. You can find several such providers that will smoothly manage and deliver billions of messages according to the purpose for you. Their systems are designed to handle millions of messages in a second and is cost-effective, durable and secure.

There is certainly no doubt about the profitability of this sector. So before you head for a mass SMS solution for your business, do ensure a proficient SMSC of your provider.

Bulk SMS in Developing Countries

Just like any other successful recipe, SMS is being promoted from a personal, day-to-day feature to a marketing tool. SMS is shifting to a more business oriented end. Economic activity turns from traditional industries towards technology and media. This brings Bulk SMS services to the front line of this evolution. Aside from the fact that SMS is old technology, it is still a very effective communication channel between businesses and customers, especially in developing countries. Three out of four smartphone owners are located in a developing country. However, not all users can access internet. Bulk SMS is the business alternative in order to reach potential clients with restricted or no internet access. Marketing is direct and engaging.

Bulk SMS is no longer considered an intrusive approach. On the contrary, it is expected. This is why branded SMS marketing is already thriving on emerging markets such as Nigeria, South Africa, India, Brazil, Kenya & Mexico to name a few. While e-mail anti spam filters block almost every attempt of distributing a high volume of information, bulk SMS remains the only effective option in order to reach out to unpenetrated markets. Another factor contributing to the wide-spread of text messages as a means of advertising, is the relatively low cost. The real money comes through its benefits. Especially for the developing countries. What is also important is that you engage, listen and interact. It is to be expected that quality and delivery rate are also to influence the overall cost of bulk SMS. They prove to be the main reasons, that emerging markets have such low prices.

Bulk SMS applies to so many sectors from agriculture, to politics to promote a candidate and his party among the public and healthcare to commercial. Particularly in countries in the course of development, mostly African and South American, the SMS industry assists in enhancing both education and crime prevention. The aspect of emergency communication has also been commercialised to a certain degree, with innovative features serving to a Bulk SMS delivery in cases of emergency, such as natural disasters. As a part of a marketing campaign, bulk text messages are also introduced for Alerts, Notifications and Competitions.

Even when the Internet and the social media do penetrate the developing markets to their entirety, SMS will not cease to produce a fair amount of revenue for businesses. So far, no other means matches the directness and the effectiveness of Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Gateway Services and Your Business

Marketing specialists know that communication is a primary key to success. This is because you are reaching out to your target market. The only difference is how a businessman can work efficiently and effectively without poking too many holes in his pocket.

Being tech-savvy is one of the factors that can help any type of business in flourishing in a specific industry. Taking note of the “customer comes first” motto and taking it further to a different level in terms of customer satisfaction, communication, and service can be achieved all at the same time.

But how can you do it?

If you have been using mobile phones and internet connection in getting in touch with your clients, then you are at the right place. However, integrating the simplicity of sending messages via mobile phone and coupling it up with the efficiency of using the internet are the main keys to making your business more accessible and visible to your existing and target clients. This can now be done via bulk SMS gateway services.

Sending bulk SMS through a specific service provider can help you in reaching more potential clients. Say for example you have a website where people sign up for newsletters and mobile updates. You can integrate the SMS update offer with a simple click of a button to enable your site visitors’ to subscribe.

Your SMS gateway bulk messaging can be handled with ease and timely manner via software that you can download and by paying for a business package from a provider. This is where some businesses may have issues, especially when they don’t know what to look for.

When looking for a provider, it is best to search for one that has established its name in the industry. Well-known SMS gateway services have numerous network connections to ensure their clients are up-to-date in disseminating messages to their customers; thus preventing downtime and unnecessary network transfers.

A wise businessman will always find ways in reaching more customers without spending too much. With a simple text message, you can get the attention of your customers and then some. You can reach more potential clients when your marketing efforts are passed on to your customers’ family and friends. It is simple and easy to do, so why not invest a few bucks on SMS software or pay a small fee for a business package.

If you haven’t tried using bulk SMS gateway as a means of communicating, marketing, and getting leads, then you better start now.