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Finding Purrrfect Pet Friendly Hotels!

If your family isn’t complete without its most important member-your pet-you may want to consider taking him or her along with you on your next vacation. Pet friendly hotels are available for exactly this purposed and are great for families who don’t want to leave Sparky behind or singles who feel more secure with Fido in tow.

When looking for a pet friendly hotel, remember that you may have to pay extra in order to bring your pet, even at pet friendly hotels. If your pet causes any damage, you are usually liable for replacing the ruined items, and some hotels have very strict policies that pets cannot be left behind during the day, even in a cage. Therefore, be sure that taking your pet is the right thing to do. Remember that he or she will want to be a part of everything during the vacation, so if you are going camping or to the beach, this could work out great. However, a pet may not be as good of an idea if you are traveling to the city or plan to do a lot of activities where a pet would not be allowed, like go to museums or the theatre.

If you do decide to leave your pet at home, make sure that he or she will be in good hands while you are gone. If you have a family member who loves pets and who’s house your pet has visited, perhaps this family member can pet-sit. Another option is to ask a friend or neighbour to watch your house while you are away and to spend some time with your pet in this familiar environment every day, as well as feed and walk him or her. A third option is to pay to have a kennel keep your pet while you are away.

Of course, the best option, if possible, is to have your pet by your side so that he or she is not lonely and does not feel abandoned if you go on vacation without him or her. Pet friendly hotels can help both you and your furry friend enjoy a fun and relaxing trip away from home.